Turning a Rough Draft into a Final Copy

3 months ago Justin Diaz Comments Off on Turning a Rough Draft into a Final Copy

When it comes to writing essays for college, you will inevitably come across the process of turning a rough draft into a final copy. This involves a lot of editing, writing, reading, and rewriting, but it is what has to happen to ensure that your work is up to pr. Some people go through 20 drafts before they get to the right one and others just tweak the first before submission. It just depends on how well you established a starting point. Here are some tips to help you go from the first stage to the final stage of essay writing as smoothly as possible.

Wait a Day before You Edit

Some people jump immediately into the editing process after they have written a rough draft. This is not a good idea. Editing takes time, which is why you cannot rush good essay writing. You have to go through the steps necessary to get the project finished correctly. If you leave the essay and come back to it the next day, you will be able to look at it from a fresh pair of eyes. You will not read it in a way that suits your thought process. You will read it like an outsider. That will give you the best perspective into the changes that need to be made. Take at least an hour pause before every round of edits so that you don’t skim over blatant mistakes in your writing.

Assess the Flow of the Writing

One of the biggest problems that people have trouble with is writing with a logical flow. If you do not have a sense of fluidity to your essays, you will not get a good grade on them. Period. College professors like to see coherent thoughts that transition from one to the next with ease. If people cannot progress through your writing without pausing to figure out where they are, you need to rethink what you have to say. This will make you a better writer and a better thinker in the end.


Make Sure All the Points Are There

When I was in college, I remember always turning in papers and then remembering that I forgot to add something afterward. It may have been a resource that I wanted to use or a point that I really wanted to make. Don’t fall into the same trap I did. Go through your essay prompt and make sure that you address every single criterion that happens to be on there. If you’re missing something or you have not taken a certain topic far enough, edit before the final copy so that you can get the best grade possible or the most essay scholarships possible.

Get a Second Opinion

It is always a good idea to have someone else read over your writing before your professor does. That way you can get feedback from someone who doesn’t know what you “meant to write.” You may think that you addressed a point perfectly in your writing, but someone else may think that it wasn’t clear at all. If you get a second opinion, you can correct all of those little errors before they come up in your grading. You can get a second opinion from a peer, another professor, a friend, or anyone else that is willing to provide you with some constructive criticism. As long as you take the advice as feedback and not hatred, you should be able to make the adjustments you need for the perfect final draft. This all takes time, but it is well worth the A you get from it in the end.